Industrialization & Technical Support Manager

Hodges, SC


A master degree in food processing, food sciences and technologies or chemistry is preferred

A bachelor degree in food processing, food sciences and technologies or chemistry is required


3 to 8 years work experience bringing a product from R & D to production. Prefer Food Industry Experience  FDA Regulated

Must have experience managing projects from new product scale up to production. Taking product out of R & D to producing the actual product


             To manage the Industrialization and technical support team

             To manage industrialization pipeline, industrial support  and process development projects

             To provide technical support for customer follow-up and trouble shooting            

             To manage scale-up and industrialization of new processes and new products

             To manage formulation, process chart and paperwork, recording documents and processes



             Manage projects pipeline in accordance to R &  D program, internal and external customers         

             Follow-up of new products implementation from Industrialization to Launch (performance, cost, time, return on investment, process capability, quality control…)

             Participate in decisions release of new products with the R&D management team

             Conduct appropriate prioritization meetings with NAM stakeholders (Product Development, Industrial, QA, Purchasing…)

             Provide technical support to commercial, industrial, purchasing and quality teams

             Coordinate the scale-up and industrialization of new products with the IPP Team


             Ensure new product and new equipment qualification in accordance with the R&D program and priorities from management

             Manage the qualification follow-up:

o             Organize opening and closing reviews with quality, purchasing and industrial

o             Build the development plan and manage milestones and timeline

o             Schedule with production the trials to ensure project is on time

o             Prepare all documentation for the trial: formulation, process flow chart

o             Validate trial: chemical specifications, yields, palatability…

o             Communicate to manager via trial report the conclusions

o             Ensure follow-up after product validation in production (10 first production batches)



-              Guarantee process and formulation respect as per company standards

o             Create Bill of material in ERP

o             Validate and update formulas, process charts

o             Modify formulas to fix temporary run-out of raw materials, ingredients, bases...

-              Work closely with industrial team to:

o             ensure that formulation/process will be respected

o             adapt the product & process to industrial constraints

o             provide formulas for rework


             Optimization has to be done in communication with Development scientist team

             Optimize product formulations in accordance to CLIP program, or to purchasing constraints

             Optimize process in accordance with industrial constraints


             To propose and lead the actions to improve the R&D organization

             To report to management about any malfunctioning into the system and take relevant short term corrective action and propose long term options.

             To constantly improve the communication system (paperwork, computers…)

             Follow up in autonomy for own R&D projects and make decisions independently on how to pursue          



             Industrialization and technical support Manager will mainly interact with:

o             Development team to ensure scale-up in respect to palatability

o             Industrial, Purchasing, Quality and Sales departments to ensure product launch

o             Suppliers, laboratories

o             DPF Global industrial and IPP team for knowledge sharing            

             Set up and implement action plan and methods (HACCP, GMP, and 5S) related to the quality program

             Is part of ISO certification work for RD department

             Contribute in continuous improvement program for the department and the company by making suggestion / proposition

             Able to interact with all levels of associates in a professional manner both internally and externally




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