How to Create Networking Contacts

December 17th, 2014 by Southeast Technical

businessman connect to social networkUsually, when you are looking for a job, you will ask for help from your family and friends. You contact these people to ask for information on current job openings, business opportunities, and more. These people are considered your networking contact list. They are people you have an active personal relationship with. Other people who can be added to your warm contact list include classmates, coworkers, or neighbors.

Here is a list of possible people to add to your list:

Relatives and Friends
Your relatives and your friends are the ones who are always willing to help you in your search for a job or any business venture. They will be able to provide you information they have and refer you to trustworthy people who can help you further. They may be willing to introduce you to their contacts and provide honest information to the person who is looking at interviewing you.

Church Members/Political Party/Fraternity/Sorority
People who share faith, belief, or hobbies often bond together and they will help when needed. They may have a different career than what you are after, but they may know someone in your field. However, these groups of people need to be thought through before use. You want to make sure they know you well enough to feel comfortable assisting you. This may mean that you need a strategy to approach them and ask for assistance.

People Who Sell You Things
You may think that your relationships with people who sell you things are based purely on trading services, but they can also be useful networking resources. They are experienced with meeting new people and selling themselves. They may have come across someone in your field, and if their association has become solid enough, they can act as a referral. Maintaining a pleasant relationship is key to having a stable business relationship. They also know that the more money you make, the better their chances are to sell you their goods or services. If they help you secure a position, your relationship is likely to tighten.

Former Colleagues, Employers, Co-Workers
Whenever possible, end a job on a positive note so you can maintain a positive relationship with the people working there. Having relationships with colleagues and employers shows your potential employer that you work well with others. Even if you are battling personal problems with a business, try to get them all worked out prior to leaving the company. Your new job venture will need to call previous employers to review your work history. You want them to receive the information in a positive light instead of hearing negativity in the voice. Most companies want co-workers on the list of references because they can give first-hand knowledge on how you work. This information can either win you an interview or kill your chances with the company.

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