If you’re looking for a job in Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial  & Chemical Engineering or positions ranging from Process Engineers to Plant Managers, Chemists to Scientists, you’ve come to the right place. Southeast Technical specializes in recruiting from technical disciplines focused in the Southeast with partner placement opportunities throughout North America and the world through its membership in NPA. Working with a recruiter is an excellent way to stand out, to protect yourself from damaging your career when you’re already with a company, and is an excellent way to get the inside track on jobs that may not be widely circulated.

Our Network

While it’s vital to work with a single recruiter to avoid duplication and misrepresentation to a prospective employer, working with a recruiter who is an NPA partner is like having hundreds of additional recruiters at your service. That’s because the broad network of partners gives placement connections around the state, region, country, and world. These connections can result in the best career fit or job opportunity for you as a job seeking candidate. The advantages are simple.

Specialty Focus

Candidates who work with Southeast Technical in their job search enjoy the benefit of a high degree of focus on your job specialty and a deep knowledge of the inner working of companies within your industry. Southeast Technical is able to create the best possible collection of opportunities for your potential placement.

Our Work Is Guaranteed, So You Benefit From Our Relationships

Southeast Technical’s longevity in the field and expertise in matching candidates and employers works to your benefit because client trust us to make excellent recommendations.  A match that doesn’t work for the employer can be a damaging career move for you. Since we guarantee our work to employers, it is in everyone’s best interest to find a solid long-term fit for you as a candidate and the right employee of the employer. Turnover is equally painful for all that are impacted by its effects.

Our Services Are Free to You

You can go it alone or you can have the support and guidance of a placement professional, all at no cost to you. The choice is clear. In addition to placement, coaching, and real-time feedback while engaged in a job search, Southeast Technical offers relocation support services and other career-related tools to make your move to a new position even more efficient and productive. We build relationships for life.

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