Recruiter Secrets for Candidates About Leveraging Linked In

March 13th, 2014 by Southeast Technical

LI-homeThe following article was published at the blog recently by the CEO of the international recruiter network, Dave Nerz. We wanted to share it here for the benefit of Candidates who’d like to polish their linked-in presence.

Top Tips on Linked In

Did you know you can edit your endorsements? It is simple. Just go to Edit Your Profile, scroll down to the Endorsements Section and hit Edit. Start the clean-up. So if you have goofball friends that have voted up your “accounting skills” when you are a sales professional, get busy making the change. I had lots of one-off floaters from someone that knew me 25 years ago. It helps to keep things clean. Candidates should do this before the client looks them up during a due diligence process.

Have you used LinkedIn to search for a job and then apply? Well, you should do it at least once and do it from your smart phone. This is so easy, it makes me want to get more jobs out on LinkedIn to see what can be dragged in. I tested it and I’ll be interested to see if I get contacted. Sure makes it easy for anyone to apply for your open positions.

Try the LinkedIn Resume Builder. In about 10 seconds you can build a decent resume from a LinkedIn profile. So for candidates who are a little slow to get a “hard copy” of a resume to their recruiters…problem solved in 10 seconds. Personally I would never use this resume for myself, but for an initial submittal with a highly repetitive and strongly connected hiring manager, I would give it a go.

Did you know that candidates can add media, files and presentations under the summary and experiences? Candidates in the marketing world should have a small portfolio under their positions held. Others can celebrate papers they have written or other documents that show something about creativity and passion.

Finally how about keywords for LinkedIn? Recruiters and employers search keywords on LinkedIn. Candidates should be using keywords to help their odds of connecting with the right recruiter and ultimately, company.

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